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MACH2 Moth

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MACH2 is currently the best and the most developed International Moth boat. World Championship results may be the best proof to that. MACH2 is the best design for 7 years in a row now. Designer of MACH2 is well-known Andrew McDougall. Current Moth class speed record is 36,6 knots (almost 70 km/h). It was set by Ned Goss on MACH2 (April 2014).

MACH2 is easy to assemble and transport, for example on a car roof. There is no need for a road trailer, mast is two piece.


Technical data:

Lenght: 3,35 m

Beam: 2,25 m

Max draft: 1,10 m

Weight: 28 kg

Sail area: 8 sq m


Main facts:

- leightweight carbon hull made from unidirectional carbon fibre

- hi modulus pressure moduled CFD optimised hydro-foils

- hi modulus mast and boom

- quality hardware from Ronstan and Harken

- KA Sail

- trolley, cover and foil cover

- 2 year part warranty